10 Tips for Beekeeping by American Farmers in Winter

Time: 2018-03-20

    For bees and some bee-keeping peasants, winter is the hardest time for beekeeping. If it is a new beekeeper, it may lead to the death of real estate and even bees. Let's take a look at how bee-keepers in the United States are bee-keeping.

1.Beehive farming

Packing the hive with waterproof paper can both warm the beehive and allow the bees to breathe. Secure the waterproof paper outside the beehive to ensure that there is a mouth that can reach into the hand. You can also buy paper specially packed in the beehive at the store. There is a black paper that absorbs sunlight and keeps the temperature in the hive.

2.Don't remove shelves for checking bees

Unless the temperature exceeds 18 degrees Celsius, the temperature is too low for the bees. After a simple inspection to leave the beehive, U.S. farmers also used a bucket feeder to feed the bees with syrup, which ensures the temperature inside the beehive.

3.Check bee outside

U.S. farmers often raise their beehives and weigh the weight of their beehives. Each beehive is about 70 pounds, and they will mark the beehives so that they can feed them.

4.Properly placed beekeeping equipment

U.S. farmers will wash their unused equipment and save it to make sure they can still use it next year. They scraped off wax and propolis from wooden utensils and sobered with soda. Tape the cracks between the boxes and place a dish on top of the empty box, place 80% of the acetic acid, cover it with lid and put it on for a week to make sure the box is ventilated before use.

5. Purchase components

U.S. farmers will purchase the required parts in July and August because there are many orders for spring beekeepers and the transportation speed is slow. If you need a beehive assembly, purchase now is the best time.

6. Buy bees online

U.S. farmers will buy bees in July and August. Many suppliers will already be out of stock in the spring. They will measure how many bees they need and then prepare them sooner.

7. Buy one or two bee-keeping books

American farmers will read two books on beekeeping knowledge before beekeeping to ensure that they are bred according to professional methods.

8. Make full use of beeswax and honey

American farmers make the remaining beeswax into candles, lip balms, etc., or sell honey, or as gifts for friends. They will add propolis to the cockroach to prevent virus production in the hive.

9. Contact the local beekeeping club

In the United States, if the man is bee-keeping for the first time, he will consult local beekeepers who will teach them some bee-keeping techniques and sales channels. The novice is no longer blind, and many bee-keepers in China are now asking experts questions on cloud cultivation free of charge. Cloud farming is the largest agricultural Q&A site where tens of thousands of agricultural experts are brought together. Get answers within two minutes.

10. Be patient

There must be patience. Many people can't help but watch the bees in the winter, but they must hold back. Pack the bees tightly and prepare in advance for spring harvest.

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