Why do beekeepers run around the country?

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Time: 2018-09-06
  • Why do beekeepers run around the country?

  • With spring approaching, the bees' work will begin. Beekeepers are also busy, and many beekeepers have begun to travel. Why do some beekeepers live in one place, hardly carrying hives, while others carry hives all over the country?

      • Bees are not simple

      • The partnership between insects, which pollinate plants, and plants, which supply nectar to them, has led to more than 100 million years of Shared prosperity between flowering plants and insects.The main economic bees in China are the Oriental bees (Apis cerana) and the western ones (Apis mellifera).The latter is mainly introduced to Europe in China, represented by the Italian bee.

      • Similar to the societies of ants and termites, there are queen bees, drones and worker bees in the bee kingdom. The worker bees are sterile females, responsible for the daily affairs of the nest.Of course, that doesn't mean bees are bad at fighting, at least they're good at fighting animals like humans. Suicide spikes with barbs leave the poison glands and organs in the skin, along with the release of convoitins (odour molecules) that guide companions to attack.This effect of gathering increases with the number of stings, so if you get stung near a hive, run to a safe distance to avoid getting beaten up.

      • In addition to using chemical scents like convoxin to communicate with their companions, bees use a lot of body language and information.Its famous "8" and "o" dances even contain information about the sun's position.When bees find a source of honey, they will go back to their nest to tell their partners the direction of the source. They will climb or fly a semicircle first, and then move in a straight line.And this line can also have an Angle between it and the vertical direction, which is the Angle between it and the sun.And the scouts have combined to consider the movement of the sun in the sky and make corrections based on time.

        • Fixing and turning the land

        • Although bees have poisonous stings, they are also very easy to get along with if we get to know them and get to know their temper. Beekeepers are such people, and it is because of them that we can eat sweet honey.There are two methods of beekeeping, one is called "permanent beekeeping" and the other is "rotational beekeeping".

        • The so-called fixed-site beekeeping is to place a beehive in a fixed place. Bees get honey and pollen from the flowers of surrounding plants, which is greatly restricted by the conditions of honey source. Of course, they can also move in a small range.Regular beekeeping is generally more in the middle of the bees, of course, the breeding of Italy bees is not a problem.

        • The rotary ground is the beekeeper with the beehive to catch up with the flowering period. The smaller scale is the "small ground" in the province, and the larger scale is the "big ground" across the province.Generally, it is cheaper to transport by train, but beekeepers prefer to transport by road because they drive or rent cars themselves, are more flexible and can adjust to the situation of the honey source.Not only at home, but overseas beekeepers also drive bees everywhere.Because the rotational beekeeping is in its flowering phase, it is often possible to obtain nectar of a single quality, while the permanent beekeeping is more likely to get "mixed honey".Because honey source is rich, turn ground to raise bee not only yield is high, honeybee also is strong, because carry out cost is high nevertheless, need to achieve certain scale to undertake turn ground to raise commonly, domestic turn ground to raise is Italy bee.In particular, the off-site beekeepers are free producers of local agriculture, and the bees that come can be pollinated to increase yields.For example, bee pollination can increase the yield of rapeseed by 32.14%, apple by 24.70%, buckwheat by 77.70%, sunflower by 34.40% and camellia by 200%.The conversion of beekeepers to the land has important agricultural benefits.

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