2018 Moscow National Apiculture Exhibition

publisher: Faith
Time: 2018-09-14
Summary: Benefitbee 2018 Moscow National Apiculture Exhibition

2018 Moscow National Apiculture Exhibition

This year's Russian exhibition has started and  scheduled for September 9-13.We go to the apiculture exhibition every year.Without exception, we left for Russia this September.The photo above was taken during our exhibition.Just came to this bustling city, we can also have time to enjoy the scenery, and then drive straight to the destination.When we arrived, we started to get busy.  Set up the exhibition platform and displayed our popular beekeeping tools on the booth table.Soon attracted many exhibitors come to our booth.They were looking at the products they are interested in and asking us some professional questions about the products and the prices they pay more attention to.We patiently answered their questions in detail.

The Russian apiculture exhibition was very busy this year, with many people attending.All the products we brought were bought at our booth.Some of them are for their own use, and some are for taking back samples.We are very happy for this exhibition because we have gained a lot.

See you next year!!

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