2018 Nigeria National Apiculture Exhibition

publisher: Faith
Time: 2018-10-12
2018 Nigeria National Apiculture Exhibition

Benefitbee- Every year,we will go to the apiculture exhibiton,and go around the world.This month, we went to Nigeria to attend the exhibition .Each exhibition only  for a few days, so we cherish the opportunity.And this exhibition tour, brings us the surprise, the harvest is quite lot.We are honored to receive Nigeria's best exhibition medal, and we are really touched and proud at this moment, because it is the result of hard work!We would like to thank the Nigerian exhibition for its appreciation and recognition of  our company.

Our booth is right at the gate of the exhibition, so it attracts many exhibitors early in the morning.They are very interested in our products, and also very recognized our products.The samples we brought this time are sold out at the exhibition.Thank them so much!

The African people are very enthusiastic.  Hope that we will create more friendly cooperation opportunities in the near feture!

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